Traveling to Cabo San Lucas

Andres Sandoval
2 min readJul 2, 2022

I traveled to Cabo San Lucas from San Jose Ca, airport to Cabo airport (3 hours). Below are what I did.

Dates: September 24th — 27th

Getting there: you get off the plane take a bus to airport (3–5mins ride) walk inside the airport and wait in line for 30 mins, show passport and exit the airport.

Transportation: Outside the airport they have shuttles that take you to Cabo San Lucas. Shuttles are expensive around 50–75 dollars. I watched some YouTube videos about Cabo and they mentioned you can walk outside and ask the airport workers where is the “autobus para la zona hotelera” they will tell you to walk outside terminal. The Autobus it’s the local public transportation the cost is $85 pesos ($5 dollars) takes about 1 hour and 40 mins (makes a lot of stops) you get a local tour :)

Hotel: Marina Fiesta. It’s in great location.

walk outside the hotel and ask at the both about activities.

Activities: I did horse back riding $50 dollars-hour and ATV $50 dollars-hour. The glass boats cost $15 dollars for 45 mins ride to Los Arcos.

Restaurants near hotel: below the hotel it’s good food, good breakfast. For tacos checkout taqueria “Gus”.

Night Life: Friday and Saturday is when more people go out. Check out downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Day Drinking: Go to Cabo Mango Deck.

Return Transportation: You can get the covid test at the hotel they charge $25 dollar test for a 15mins test. The covid test results get emailed to you. Order an Uber to the Airport it’s $35 dollars (45 mins ride).

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

— Andres