Root Android device Pixel 6

Andres Sandoval
3 min readJan 18, 2022

Tutorial shows how to root an Android device Pixel 6. Rooting can brick and damage device. For research and investigation purposes.


  • Developer options enabled
  • USB debugging on device
  • OEM is enabled on device
  • ADB is install on Mac and enable .


  1. Download your Android device OS firmware here. (Oriole is the code name for Pixel 6, download correct version).
  2. Unzip file -> “oriole” ->boot.img. Transfer file ‘boot.img’ to device using the below adb push command.

2.1 Transfer the file “boot.img” to the Android device file path Download. Run adb command:

adb push /Users/asandoval/Downloads/oriole-sq1d.220105.007/image-oriole-sq1d.220105.007/boot.img /storage/self/primary/Download

3. Install Magisk from GitHub releases (for Pixel 6 you need Magisk canary release)

Also you scan to open download website link:

5. Open the Android Magisk app -> select “Magisk” click Install -> select path to your Android device Downloads path for boot.img.

After you selected path to “boot.img”, Magisk will generate a patched for your device. You will see the below screen: Installation done output file is written to the path “/storage/emulated/0/Download/magisk_patched-23016_xCTEG.img” (you will need to replace the file name, to your generated file name).