Fastlane Android — run test tutorial/my notes

Fastlane. The purpose of this tutorial it’s to show android developers how to automate deployment. Sounds hard but the only hard part was starting to read this doc :)

  1. First install Fastlane on Mac

2. Go to you app directory $cd /dev/Kotlin/MapApp

3. Configure Fastlane in you app dir $fatlane init (command will configure fastlane in the current android project ex. it downloads the metadata from the play store..)

4. Run fastlane ~/dev/Kotlin/MapApp$ fastlane android

5. Enter 1, to run test (unit tests) of app.

6. When the test are done it will generated test report.

ex project location $open /Users/andres/dev/Kotlin/MapApp/app/build/reports/tests/testReleaseUnitTest/index.html

Summary: Fastlane runs gradle commands for you.

$fastlane android test == $gradlew test

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