Configure Fastlane Android (Mac)

  1. Install brew.
  2. Run brew command to install fastlane: $brew cask install fastlane.
  3. Go to your android project. Enter command $fastlane supply init

Installation prompt:

a. Enter your app package name

b. generate json and download to your project. Rename json to get ride off empty spaces.

4. Above command creates two directories in your App project directory /fastlane and /metadata (downloads metadata from Google Play Store).

5. Now configure the files in fastlane to run: tasks, gradlew, sh commands :)

  • Add fastlane path to ~/.bash_profile
export PATH=”$HOME/.fastlane/bin:$PATH”

Uninstall fastlane: $brew cask uninstall fastlane


1. $cd fastlane

2. open fastlane/Appfile, add below and save file

json_key_file “/Users/andres/dev/Kotlin/Google-Play-Android-Developer-49ff0f71f9be.json”

3. Now you don’t have to enter json location every time.

  • Content of /metadata

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