Android Release with Fastlane

Tutorial shows how to configure the tool fastlane to publish to the Google Play Store with the command below:

$fastlane deploy 

Tutorial assumption: you have already publish app to the play store once. Fastlane integration saves developers time, since it’s a repetitive manual process :)

  1. Configure Fastlane.
  2. Go to your app project directory.
  3. To see code logic open: /fastlane/Fastfile by default it’s configure to run with deploy command:
desc "Deploy a new version to the Google Play"lane :deploy dogradle(task: "assembleRelease")supplyend

The script runs ./gradle assembleRelease and then supply publishes to play store.

3. You need to manually update the app versionCode and versionName.

4. Run $fastlane deploy

5. Done, now go to Developer Console and you will see new version has been publish.


Fastlane runs gradle commands for you and uploads apk/app metadata to Google Play Store.

$fastlane deploy == $gradlew assembleRelease + manually updaload apk to play store + upload release notes(app metadata)

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