The tutorial shows how to build your Android CI/CD development pipeline using Bitrise. This is part of a series for building Android Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with Bitrise.

Android Continuous Integration (CI) makes development life cycles easier. Every time we push new code, we run a set of build tasks to check nothing was broken by our code changes. For example, when we push code we can run: Android Lint check, Unit tests, UI tests, build APK/App Bundle.

With Bitrise we can configure our Android CI process to do below build tasks.

Bitrise Build steps: we add build steps to run tasks (lint, Unit and UI tests, codecov, build, publish app..)
  1. Android Lint (code style checks) generates an HTML report.
  2. Unit Tests (Jacoco and Code test coverage report) generates test results report in a zip.
  3. UI Integration Tests (Espresso).
  4. Android Build generates Free/Pro application (APK and App Bundle).
  5. Bitrise feature “Schedule” set an App build to run automatically daily.
  6. Bitrise feature “Deploy” get build status notifications email, slack, etc.

Bitrise setup: (follow instructions:

  1. Create an Android Project (Gradle).
  2. Push your project to GitHub.

3. Create an account on Bitrise (Free).

4. Login to Bitrise and click button “Add New App” -> select “ Add New App on web UI”

5. Follow the Bitrise instructions:

  • Link your Android Github repository to Bitrise.

Start a building Android apps :)

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback


Local demo app:



Local code: AS 3.5 /../dev/HelloBitriseProject

Opinion (IMHO):

I’ve been an Android Software Continuous Integration (CI) process fan for some years and I have noticed the following. Some people believe Software CI/CD is:

  • Not important.
  • Hard topic.
  • Confused about how to start.

To get started with Android CI: I would recommend learning about Gradle and learning about building Android Apks/ App Bundles with small demo projects.

Maybe Google should take responsibility for the CI process, and guide developers on how to set up CI for Android. Hopefully one day Google releases a Mobile CI tool, Apple bought the CI company BuddyBuild.

Bitrise makes Android developers lifes easier, we don’t have to maintain a build machine, Docker builds environments, Dockerfile, aws, etc. The goal of CI is to make sure the code changes we push into the master branch are not going to break our release/development pipeline.

My favorite Bitrise feature is that when it builds sends build status notifications (email/slack with the Android app to install).

Some engineers are interested in Software CI/CD process :)

Happy Building!

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