Android Automotive emulator

How to use Android automotive emulator?

  1. Install Android Studio 3.6 or 4.x
  2. Open Android Studio and update Android SDK manager components (SDK Platform and Tools).

Android Studio tooling is up to date now.

How to create an Android Automotive emulator?

  1. Create new automotive emulator using Android Studio 3.6 or 4.x.
  2. Open Android Studio, on the top menu, click AVD Manager.
select AVD Manager

3. Select Create Virtual Device.

4. Select Hardware Automotive.

5. Select Android Image (works with Android Pie).

6. Name Device.

6. Done, now you have a virtual Android automotive emulator (image shown below).

How to run your Android app on the automotive Android emulator

If you are targeting your app to the latest Gradle and Android SDK. you can build your app and run on Android Automotive Emulator.

For example for one of my Android apps (personal), I just update to use the latest Gradle and android SDK available on Android Studio 4.0 (canary) and my app runs fine on the Android Automotive emulator. shown below.

  1. Build your app, run select Android Automotive device.
My app MID (My Important Dates)

Questions — if you know the answer to the below questions, please add to the comments, thanks :)

  1. How to add Automotive Flavor or Module?

2. Should we publish APK or App Bundle? I read a document about publishing APK for automotive, but the video below shows the App Bundle??

3. Publish to Automotive app to Play store?

Seems like it’s disabled for developers at the moment. Only companies that are partners with Google have access to the Developer console automotive.

Thanks for reading!


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